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The Opportunities of Trading the Forex Hedged Grid System

Over the past few years, I have seen the Nova Trading Software of the hedge network successfully used (and also very poorly). Unfortunately, failure leads to discouraging traders from taking advantage of this good system. I found that failure is mainly due to ignorance, impatience and greed (the usual causes of trade failure).

In short, the prudential network system uses the following methodology. Start buying and selling one currency. When the price moves a certain distance (the leg of the net) you lick the positive leg while leaving the negative leg and buying and selling again. Sooner or later, the system will produce positive results and you will liquefy deals on gains.

This is a brief summary of the content of the course of the network system precaution that you can find on Please refer to this tutorial for more details on how to earn money from this method. The attractiveness of this system is that it is reasonably considered and therefore can be programmed as it does not require much supervision as it does not use exclusive access orders.

Profits are realized when the price is 100%, 50%, 33% retracement at different levels. It seems that this strategy supports the concept of Vipo Nachi. The network system also depends on the nature of the market in sideways trading 80% of the time and in the direction of 20% of the time.

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The risk comes if the price does not recede and continues to continue. The network system can not make a profit in a trending market – a break point. One must realize that. Therefore, you will need strategies to reduce the damage caused during such periods:

First I found that the biggest mistake traders make is that they choose very small sizes for the grid leg from 20 to 30 points. In fact, this is a recipe for disaster. The Nova Trading Software idea is to use large network trunk sizes ranging from 150 to 300 points. The effectiveness of this is that at times the movement of one of the bindings turns into a side stage. Normally use 300 pips on the GBP pair and 150 on the EURUSD pair for example.

Second, there is no rule that legs should be of the same size. That’s why I change the sizes of legs in the trending markets to be bigger. If I start with 150 points in the first leg, I lift it to 200 points with the second leg and 250 points with the third leg. This ensures me less losses when I do transactions in a trending market.

III. Sometimes it may be wise to increase the number of contracts with the trend compared to their number opposite the trend in the case of a strong trend. However, you should be aware that you have to have the same number of buying and selling transactions. All you have to do is secure your current position with 100% hedging.

IV. This is the biggest and most important change I’ve personally made in my network strategy. Always liquidate all your transactions when the system achieves profits and when the price reaches one end of the legs of your network. By liquefying these deals you reduce the risk of losing contracts in a trending market. This will also give you the opportunity to reassess market conditions.

Fifth: liquefaction when starting again is also one of the options. One of my strategies is to liquidate all open positions when the third leg is reached in my network and then I start again. Experience has taught me that this will cause short-term pain but it will go away very quickly and I will soon forget it.

People who have traded with the network system will immediately see how applying the above points will reduce the risk of exponential losses that appear in the strong-moving market. Please feel free to contact Mary MacArthur at to clarify any of the items discussed, they have many successful examples of web commerce applications.

This article is part of a series and will be supplemented by many other articles on Nova Trading Software, capital management and forex trading strategies.

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The Opportunities of Trading the Forex Hedged Grid System
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