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Learn Build Earn Review Is LBE By Mark Ling SCAM Or REAL? Marketing is an administrative process aimed at identifying customers with services and goods. It depends on four elements: product identification, pricing, choosing the right method for reaching customers, and formulating a strategy to promote them. [1] Marketing is also defined as a group Of the procedures that promote the sale of products on the market. [2] Other definitions of marketing are advertising that contributes to the clarification of the nature of the goods, and then transfers them from the product to the buyer after the sale.


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Best Marketing Methods

There are ways to help the success of marketing, and come to a group of the best: [4]

Advertising: One of the oldest means of marketing, and is one of the most important marketing methods; a large budget is allocated to him in the promotion of goods and services, and uses advertising in marketing by relying on two methods:

Internal Advertising Design: A dedicated advertising section design advertising for the company’s products and services.

Advertising companies: This is the most effective way. Advertising companies are used to support media advertising such as newspapers, television, Mark Ling Learn Build Earn and others.

PR: A set of tools used to deal with the public and is an important strategy for all types of large and small companies. Public Relations relies on many different ways to reach customers, including media messages that contain data about the company, its products, its brand, and other information that contribute to customers’ access to the advertised products.

Sales are one of the best ways to market. Sales strategies and strategies vary among companies in commercial markets, but when sales are quality and efficiency among customers, they turn into a marketing method.

Digital means: One of the modern methods of marketing, and relies mainly on the Internet, and interactive digital methods, the most important e-mail, and digital advertising, promotional campaigns. Internet marketing features are priced at acceptable rates among small businesses, and help to provide a lot of modern media, such as social sites.

Factors Influencing Marketing

Marketing is one of the activities that seek to pay attention to the needs of people in order to work to provide them, and there are a number of factors affecting it, the most important of which are: [5]

Needs: They are the things that a person feels about lack and discomfort because of lack of access, and may be the needs of the initial or social, so the individual seeks to try to provide, which leads to the transformation of desires.

Desires: It is the form that transforms human needs, and depends on a range of individual, social and cultural influences, and seeks to search for the means that help him to achieve his desires.

Applications: It is the demand of man to obtain the need and desire, and here comes the role of marketing in providing the means to achieve these needs; in accordance with the financial capabilities of the person that helps him to turn his wishes into requests.

Products: All services or goods that are marketed, and help satisfy the desires and needs of individuals, and the owners of products must provide all goods that contribute to the provision of all the needs of people.

Exchange: is to achieve the goal of marketing in linking the owners of products and individuals, the individual gets the product he wants in return for something valuable, and often a sum of money.

Marketing characteristics

Marketing is characterized by a set of characteristics, including the following: [5]

Marketing is a humanitarian endeavor and seeks to provide the needs of consumers and buyers of services and goods, so that they are delivered to them in the right place at the right time with high quality and reasonable prices.

Consumers are the dominant tool in private marketing in companies and institutions.

Marketing serves the benefit of ownership in individuals by contributing to the production of a range of goods and services.

Marketing provides a range of ideas that help attract customers to products related to the marketing plan.

Marketing is keen to achieve the best interaction with the surrounding environment.

Marketing elements

The application of marketing in any business environment is linked to the existence of a set of elements, namely: [6]

Goods: products that are provided to customers, usually vary in benefits and advantages from each other; because of competition between companies.

Price: The financial value of services and products, determined under competition, helps to make profits for companies.

Location: A site dedicated to the sale of products and services associated with the marketing process.

Deals: are the methods used to clarify the benefits and benefits of services and products to people.

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